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Artificial Grass Installation

We use experienced installers that specialize in artificial grass installation. We don’t use handyman or general landscapers, this is part of our stringent process and what allows us to deliver the best install for you.


Putting Green Turfs

Show off to your friends and family by having us install a putting green that will help you improve your game or create fun memories in your yard. While we are there, why not have us also add a patch for chipping from onto the green as well?


Fake Grass For Dogs

Man's best friend needs space to run and play. We have the perfect solution that is washed easily, has antimicrobial properties to kill bacteria and is clean so your little buddy doesn’t track mud and dirt through your home after playing.



Hardscape and paving allows us to be a one stop solution for you. We can create garden beds, paved areas for extra entertaining or edge the turf to create layers of interesting and attractive design.

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Roof, Deck & Patio

Add some shade to your yard or extra area to entertain. Escape the summer sun while still enjoying your custom oasis.


Lights & Sound

Your yard will look great in the daytime, so why not light it up at night so you can always enjoy it or add music with custom outdoor speakers that you can control from your phone to really get the most out of your home.

Our Turf

turf up close 8.jpg
Breeze Turf

Our Signature turf at My Artifical Turf is a unique with lot of characteristic specifically designed to cater for family life.

• Perfect for synthetic grass installation

• Built to be a High functioning turf

• This is a artificial turf for dogs

Turf Characteristics

• Pile/face weight: 80-85 ounces
• Pile height: 1.75 inches
• Machine Gauge: 3/8 inch
• Yarn Color: 4-tone
• Thatch Color: Green & Brown


Microban Technology

Microban is built-in protection for our infill that we use. The technology works to inhibit the growth of microbes on a surface that can cause staining, bad odors and premature degradation.

cooling tech.png

Cooling Technology

Our unique combination of materials and infill combats the rate of artificial turf heat retention. Components of our product holds up to 100% of its size in water, which facilitates an evaporating process maintaining a cooler temperature than traditional turf.


Pet Friendly Turf

This is the ultimate artificial turf for dogs and with an installation that integrates odor resistance along with an infill built to support k9 fake grass .

uv protection.png

UV-Protection & Non-fading

An Ultraviolet (UV) inhibitor is built into the strands of fake grass, preserving newness of your synthetic turf over the years.



Using a combination of good infill as well as slightly thicker blades we believe this is the best method to combat turf flattening.


Built-in Weed Barrier

Instead of a latex backing, we integrate weed blocking technology alongside a specific installation process that extracts weeds and halts regrowth.

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