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My Artificial Turf 

Who We Are

With Families of our own, we truly understand the importance of creating a high quality, beautiful & most importantly durable space for our children and pets.

From prior experience in former companies we’ve discovered that more often than not, family values fell short of the companies’ artificial turf cost bottom line, which was disappointing to our own core values.

We founded My Artifical Turf to bring quality and family values to the forefront of the fake grass installation industry, understanding that true customer satisfaction is the foundation of a successful company.

Choosing the right turf installation company

Transparency, high quality control, vast experience & professionalism are among the top attributes in the company you seek and sets us apart from the competitors as we retain all that & more.

My Artificial Turf is not the company for everyone, but rather the company for those who seek premium turf products and immaculate installation at a fair price.


High-Quality Products


Professional Installation


Commitment to Service

locally owned.jpg

Locally Owned & Operated

customer centric 2.jpg

Customer-centric Approach

Frequently Asked Questions

We know this is a big decision.

We can walk you through it!

  • What can I use artificial turf for?
    Patios, gardens, decks, backyards, front yards, etc.
  • Is artificial turf safe for my children and pets?
  • What is microban technology?
    Antibacterial technology that repels germs.
  • What is the lifespan of artificial turf?
    If properly taken care of, synthetic grass can last up to 25 years.
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